Developing a relationship at work can boost your morale and enthusiasm for your work as well as keep you mentally healthy at your workplace. This is an important strategy practised by all the successful businesses to keep their employees positive about working in their companies. The companies initiate a communicative environment with several group activities and company trips throughout the year to strengthen the bond between employees. But that is not enough if the employees do not put the same effort into building their relationships. Here are a few tips to help you create a good relationship with your colleagues, managers and other staff, which will help in developing your career as well.

Bring solutions to the company’s problems into meetings

If you have spent a considerable amount of time in a company, you will have an idea about pretty much everything in the organization. There will be several problems which get discussed during lunchtime among employees. The problem can be as simple as the unavailability of healthy food in the kitchen, but no one really bothers to take the initiative of thinking about the best ways to replace the unhealthy food with good fruits while maintaining the same budget. Problems like these need to be brought into meeting tables and everyone’s opinion should be respected and evaluated. This approach can develop the problem-solving skill of the entire team as well as create unity among the members, and a plus for you to initiate the solutions.

Never play the blame game

If your team has made a mistake in the work and you are clearly getting blamed for something you did not do, it is easy to escape the accusation by blaming it on someone else. However, saving yourself from getting dragged down with your team and blaming others for the failures will only earn you more enemies in your own team. This might save you from the present condition, but in future, the same colleagues will start praying that you fail. If you want to gain success, the worst idea is to have an enemy in your own team.

Communication is crucial

You should always be conscious and respectful about your colleague’s position when you are communicating. Talking down your colleagues with sarcasm, or being rude will make them more defensive and careful while they are with you. This is a bad sign, and you are ruining your healthy relationship if they start doubting whether you are too funny or you actually want to deliver a message. Showing lack of respect will automatically put you on their beware-radar. This goes to the managers too. They should be equally respectful with their team members while talking business or anything else.

Keep your commitments

Working in an organization requires professionalism while giving commitments. You are working as an organ of the entire system. If you fail to complete your commitments in a given deadline, it will affect the entire system. Always try to stick to your commitments, and if you cannot due to some reasons, make a new due date so that the other employees can update their schedules as well. Every day is important for your organization to grow, and every deadline missed will affect its progress which will affect your performance as well.

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